Our Community Biz


An Internet-based safe online platform for USA Handmade Artisans that enables all makers to showcase and sell their creations free from competing with foreign and mass-produced makers


Provide a cost-free solution for any USA maker to showcase and sell their creations by providing an easy to use Internet-based store where they display and sell their creations with no upfront costs so it is easy to make money.

Our Community Biz delivers on the Easy to Use model

  • Easy to create your own unique online store displaying only your products
  • Easy to create your own brand with the store using digital media
  • Easy to engage with your customers in your store with personal messaging
  • Easy to make money with simple hassle-free sales, we handle payments, taxes and shipping charges
  • Easy to ship your products, you define how you ship, we provide the labels
  • Easy to share how you make your products with selling workshops